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          Find out what we have been working on recently

          We have co-organized with BEC (Business Environment Council) on 28th May, 2015.

          June , 2015

          BEC (Business Environment Council) Green Technology Jinchat Engineering

          During our seminar, Achieving Energy Saving Target Through Smart Design and Use of Green Air-conditioning Technology. We have pointed out that chiller plant alone contributes to 30% of the building’s energy consumption.  Thus, the most effective way to reduce energy consumption is to improve the performance of the chiller plants. We have thus talked about different green chiller technology through the use of new hardware and software. We have also shown the real results after applying different technologies with live demonstration.


          If you would like to know more, please do not hesitate to contact Ms. Joey Kong at 2202 8302  or by email at joey.kong@jinchat.com


          Spill the beans !!


          A technical seminar regarding the Use of Green Air-conditioning Technologies will tentatively be held on 8th September 2015. The seminar will be targeted for the technical professional such as engineers and consultants.


          If you would like to come, please contact Ms. Joey Kong at at 2202 8302  or by email at joey.kong@jinchat.com and we will keep you posted !


          High quality of a small urban place surrounded by greenery on the outskirts of Milan




          The complex has been designed for modern companies that consider the mental and physical health of its employees important whilst respecting the environment.


          The design follows the sustainable building guidelines and Segreen Business Park is to obtain the CENED Class A and LEED- GOLD certification.



          Milan - Italy - 2011

          System type: Hydronic System

          Total Cooling Capacity: 1250 kW

          Installed appliances: 2x ERACS-QI/LT-SL 2622

          Designer: Lombardini 22 S.r.l. - Ing. Roberto Cereda

          Architect: Lombardini 22 S.r.l. - Arch. Marco Amosso squa


          Everything about the park communicates a great interest in people and respect for the environment.


          The cooling system used is a mix between a fan coil and a primary air system. The primary air distribution goes through 4 cable vaults that have been designed next to the two staircases in the middle of the square.


          The secondary air distribution passes through the roof, in the area next to the offices. The terminal units are fan coils that are connected to high induction diffusers located on the roof. The primary air passes through the fan coils and is then released in the air.


          The production of fluids comes from two polyvalent units which are called ERACS-QI/LT-SL 2622. The system, which works according to the weather conditions and the requirements of the building, chooses the best solution offered by the two units, the first one works as an air condenser and the other as water condenser. The water circuit consists of an underground well and a discharge one, which are disconnected by the condensing circuit through a plate heat exchanger.



          The main advantage of polyvalent units lies in the fact that they are able to satisfy the demand for hot and cold water simultaneously through a system that does not require seasonal switching and is therefore a valid alternative to traditional plants of chillers and boilers. This gives further value to the excellent performance of the ERACS units.


          The project, which followed a green model, was awarded the BEST GREEN PROJECT by the 2010 Real Estate Awards and received the LEED GOLD certification.


          " It is not just a question of credibility the reason why we are Green Building Council partners, and the main reason is that we strongly believe in a better future, which is greener and more sustainable. The best of it is that we don’t only believe in i, but we also create it: Segreen Business Park is the most relevant example. ", says Roberto Cereda, engineer in Lombardini 22, who personally designed the plants, agrees with Climaveneta’s vision of sustainable comfort as he explained.


          March , 2015

          Climaveneta is going to provide 72 million RMB

          (over 9.000.000€) worth of top efficiency cooling systems


          ?  48 free cooling chillers and 4 heat pumps for more than 70 MegaWatt total cooling and  heating capacity

          ?  Service: 10 year service contract

          ?  Certification: LEED Silver rating / Tier 4 Uptime Institute certification

          ?  Grade A fire resistance

          ?  Seismic intensity: 9 degree

          ?  Total Power Utilization Efficiency (PUE):

          ?  lower than 1.45



          Part of China Construction Bank (CCB) new headquarters in Beijing, the 136.200m2 data centre reflects highest standards for energy efficiency, sustainability and reliability.


           9 degree seismic intensity and total Power Utilization Efficiency (PUE) lower than 1.45 make it the most advanced and energy saving financial data centre in China.



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          Rm 2003 CCT Telecom Building,

          No. 11 Wo Shing Street,

          Fotan, Hong Kong


          Our major business sectors included: Manufacturing, E&M Engineering Services & Computer & Room Turnkey Contracting, Product Distribution and Supply. We are committed to contribute to our customer's success by providing a better environment and a more beautiful world for them and for their technical equipment. That's why we have always looked for and incorporate into our design the latest environmental features.


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