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          Jinchat is committed to maintain consistently high quality standards – of people, of process and of the resulting infrastructure.  Our goal is to make sure our customers achieve their goals.  We believe customer satisfaction is the most important key to success.


          To ensure an excellent quality, we have established guidelines in the following areas:


          A. General Quality Assurance


          (i). General Guidelines :

          All works and materials provided comply with the latest statutory obligations, regulations, specification and Codes of Practice.  Besides some general guidelines, we have drawn up particular rules in regard to :


          Equipment & Materials,


          Sub-contractor Selection & Management,

          Control & Monitoring

          (ii). During Design Stage:

          Our company has general considerations and specific guidelines in the following areas :



          Fire Services,

          Plumbing and Drainage,

          Curtain Wall

          (iii). During Implementation Stage :

          A general flow is observed subject to modifications with regard to the nature of different projects. Fitting Out Rules are complied and protection measures are taken during this stage.



          B. Safety Assurance

          We have comprehensive safety plan in regard to site access control, machines/equipment operation, working at site, working site, installation of E&M equipment, fire protection and action in case of fire.


          C. Environmental Assurance

          Our company is committed to improve the environment through monitoring and continuous review of our workflow, warehouse, office and tendering activities.  General guidelines have been drawn to minimize waste, reduce pollution and enhance staff environmental awareness.



          We ensure an excellent quality


          Follow us on

          Jinchat Engineering

          tel: (852) 2687 1755

          fax: (852) 2687 3078




          Rm 2003 CCT Telecom Building,

          No. 11 Wo Shing Street,

          Fotan, Hong Kong


          Our major business sectors included: Manufacturing, E&M Engineering Services & Computer & Room Turnkey Contracting, Product Distribution and Supply. We are committed to contribute to our customer's success by providing a better environment and a more beautiful world for them and for their technical equipment. That's why we have always looked for and incorporate into our design the latest environmental features.


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