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          We respect our PLANET and are committed to improve the environment

          Increased data exchange causes also a dramatic power consumption increase in modern data centers and computer rooms. In 2001 the world energy consumption of data centers will be around 100 billion kWh, compared to 61 billion in 2006.


          Energy supply and efficiency becomes therefore a crucial aspect of IT infrastructures, both as concerns the possibility to build the data center, as well as regards operating costs and sustainability.

          Reduced operating cost


          The growing energy demand in modern Data Centers implies that every energy improvement allows to obtain a significant OPEX (operating costs) improvement. In critical systems working 365 days per year, for an average time of 10 years, this represents by far the largest part of Data Centers overall costs.

          Running out of power capacity


          Many utilities, especially in crowded urban areas, cannot deploy more servers because power feeds are at capacity. In these cases to improve energy performances of the whole structure, is the first a condition to keep running the Data Center.

          Optimized spaces


          A green, energy efficient approach to data center has positive implications also for space optimization. It allows a more effective use of the data center concentrating cooling units along the walls, reducing the waste due to cooling dispersion and delaying the need of building new rooms.

          Increased sustainability


          Growing digitalization and consequent energy consumption transform Data Center in a very critical application also as concerns TEWI. Hence, an intelligent energy management, is crucial not only for profitability but also for sustainability.

          Jinchat Engineering is committed to improve the environment through monitoring and continuous review of our work- flow, warehouse, office and tendering activities. General guidelines as below:


          ?   To continuously improving our environment through the establishment and achievement of objectives and targets as well as implementing pollution prevention measures.

          ?   To comply all relevant legislative requirement as a minimum performance standard.

          ?   To enhance staff environmental awareness through different Environmental Protection activities.

          ?   Minimize spillage of any potential contamination by chemical materials through proper handling, storage and disposal of chemical waste.

          ?   Minimize waste by practicing reduce, reuse and recycle in everyday work.

          ?   Promote the use of environmental friendly and energy efficient products.

          ?   Communicate the Environmental policy to all staff, contractors and suppliers.

          ?   To apply the best environmental practice whenever possible in the fit-out and alteration works by referring to the HK-BEAM guidelines.


          We have achieved another recognition in our effort to promote green innovation. Our Climaveneta Chiller with Magnetic Levitated Centrifugal Compressor (Model No.: TECS 2.0) has passed the final assessment to obtain the Class of Excellence Productwi$e Label issued by the Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence (HKAEE).



          The Productwi$e Label is a recognition scheme established to recognize efforts and honour successes in reducing environmental impact arising across products' life-cycle; and promote product with less environmental impacts that are available in Hong Kong market.


          Our TECS 2.0 series of Climaveneta Chiller has achieved four Productwi$e Goals in terms of :


          ?    Material/Components : the oil free centrifugal compressor used in our TECS 2.0 chiller reduce the risk of land contamination and water pollution;


          ?    Product Packaging : Owing to the compact size, packaging materials have reduced by half;


          ?    Transportation : the compact size economize container space and greatly reduce transportation cost;


          ?    Product Use : power consumption has reduced over 20% compared with last generation TECS series

          This is only the start, we pledge to give continual support to protect our environment and commit to environmental excellence!



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          Our major business sectors included: Manufacturing, E&M Engineering Services & Computer & Room Turnkey Contracting, Product Distribution and Supply. We are committed to contribute to our customer's success by providing a better environment and a more beautiful world for them and for their technical equipment. That's why we have always looked for and incorporate into our design the latest environmental features.


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