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          CLIMAVENETA S.p.A.

          CLIMAVENETA Chat Union Refrigeration Equipment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.


           CLIMAVENETA was established in 1971 in Italy. It is now the largest air-conditioning manufacturer in Italy. The CLIMAVENETA Shanghai factory - CLIMAVENETA Chat Union Refrigeration Equipment (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. was  established in 2004.  It covers an area of 70 thousand square meters. Major products include: air-cooled (heat pump) water chiller, modular air-cooled (heat pump) water chiller, large integral air-cooled (heat pump) water chiller, water-cooled water chiller, water source heat pump set and heat recovery unit etc.








          Cooltech Power (Shanghai) Ltd.


          Cooltech Power (Shanghai) Ltd. was established in Shanghai in 2002. It is the manufacturer of the first ever certified local made generator used in nuclear plant.  The company has a production and operation area of 38 thousand square meters, and an annual production of 3,000 sets of diesel generators, with the total industrial output value amounting to RMB 500 million.






          Sicon Chat Union


          Sicon Chat Union, is specialized in the research and manufacturing of electrical and electronic equipment. It is one of the largest UPS manufacturers in the world.


          With its pioneer launching of the 6th generation digital UPS - DSM, DSL and DSP series (1- 800kVA), it has proved great enhancement in UPS performance and reliability. The 6th generation UPS adopts SPMW inverter technology, with high efficiency digital parts IGBT, DSP technology and SMD advanced design. All these features combined to make the 6th generation digital UPS a great success.








          Major Business Distribution

          Jinchat engineering (H.K.) Co. Ltd.

          European for Central Air Conditioning



          m2 production facilities

          in the World in Central Air Conditioning

          employees worldwide

          Complete range of products





          Follow us on

          Jinchat Engineering

          tel: (852) 2687 1755

          fax: (852) 2687 3078




          Rm 2003 CCT Telecom Building,

          No. 11 Wo Shing Street,

          Fotan, Hong Kong


          Our major business sectors included: Manufacturing, E&M Engineering Services & Computer & Room Turnkey Contracting, Product Distribution and Supply. We are committed to contribute to our customer's success by providing a better environment and a more beautiful world for them and for their technical equipment. That's why we have always looked for and incorporate into our design the latest environmental features.


          Chat Union Group